Inspiring curiosity and imagination


Students and Parents,

Welcome to Linklearn learning opportunities.

The Linklearn site presents an effective, accessible avenue for parents to educate their children in an affordable Private, International Kindergarten to Pre University / Grade 12 curriculum.

The qualifications are recognised by top rated universities and employers. Canadian qualifications open doors for students to a wide range of options in their education and careers worldwide.

Taking advantage of new technologies and research-based pedagogy Linklearns site presents a trending engagement that delivers a lasting and a differentiated learning experience.

Teaching slow learner/s at home gradually developed into a Private School Education initiative and a commitment to deliver affordable education to Canadians and students globally.

At Linklearn, the Toronto eSchool registration and accreditation with the Ontario Ministry of Education in accordance with the legal requirements established by the Education Act assures students and parents

  • Control of programs or courses of study,
  • Control of quality of instruction,
  • Evaluation of student achievement,
  • Compliance of
    • Assessment and evaluation policy,
    • Procedure for reporting to parents and
    • Central office for the maintenance of student records.

Collaborative Learning:-schools and learning centres

Curriculum, content, school management systems, its development and distribution, form Linklearn’s core scope of services.

Linklearn collaborates with schools, school systems, and content providers to engage both technology and teachers to deliver a “Collaborative learning experience” at any geographic location.

The outcomes of “Collaborative learning” and “Education innovation” benefit parents, teachers, program administrators, students and the fraternity of both new start up and existing education centres worldwide. The capacity to augment any schools existing program, presents a systemic value add, to a schools overall portfolio.

Linklearn services can be shaped to needs, a service delivery that complements “your” branded school initiatives.