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We are committed to providing quality, customizable education

It is my pleasure to welcome you to our online learning community, we are here to assist diverse groups of learners, including special needs and gifted, in the job of learning. We are committed to providing quality, customizable education and training through innovative technologies. We are committed to providing quality, customizable education

This is your school; it is important that you feel you are an integral part of this community. I urge you to make the most of the opportunities, experience and advice that are available to you. We also recommend that students immerse themselves in our online library where they read or listen to a new or classic book; do their spelling drills; vote on their favourite Top Ten books, movies, celebrities, etc; improve their typing, spelling and math skills; learn how to write a book report; and much more.

I invite our stakeholders to help us achieve our goal of continuous improvement for our learning community. In order to reinvest in our students, we are continually striving to find ways to improve our teaching and learning. Your ongoing feedback helps us review our strengths and to anticipate and respond to our challenges.

We partner with parents in their children’s education. For our part, we provide outstanding lessons, a caring and supportive staff, and a safe, fun and interactive learning environment. Parents instill the value of education and a love of learning by reading to and with their children, utilizing the points reward program, by reviewing their student’s diagnostics that reveal strengths and weaknesses, and by taking an interest in their units of study. We encourage parents to talk with their children about the ideas and topics that they’re studying.

On behalf of the staff, I wish each and every one of you a successful and enjoyable year..

Janice Frohlich
Principal (K-8 elementary school)

She believes that each student presents individual needs, potentials, problems and interests and these must be recognized and accommodated in the classroom


Greetings from Toronto eSchool, Canada’s preeminent on-line Secondary School, servicing the educational needs of both the domestic and international markets.

Our proven track record of successfully navigating students through the demands of the Ontario curriculum speaks volumes for who we are as an organization. Utilizing the very latest technologies, coupled with a highly trained and committed teaching staff, TES ensures that our students receive the very best programming available. Students may register for their courses at any time and take whatever time necessary to complete their studies. Our staff are always available to facilitate and maximize the achievements of our students. In addition, we also offer students from our 4.6 acres campus both on-line and on-site tutoring to enhance their mastering of Ontario’s curriculum expectations.

Our ever expanding list of courses guarantees that every student’s pathway requirements and areas of personal interest are covered. No detail is too small in our quest to afford you the best educational experience on the Internet. As well, Toronto eSchool’s business connections with various Ontario post-secondary institutions provides our graduates with an ease of access to their programs due in part to the high standards we maintain and expect from our students.

All of us here at Toronto eSchool look forward to assisting you in the next phase of your academic and lifelong journey. Together we can make it happen.

Dan Bowyer, B.A., B.Ed., OCT