Inspiring curiosity and imagination

Home schoolers:

Parents and students have peace of mind studying in an accredited Canadian curriculum. There is assurance of continuity / academic progression regardless of change of student’s goals or geographic location. An approach that supports and adapts to challenges of time zone change to ensure that education is accessible 24/7.  Such accessibility allows for completion of the courses flexibly leading to College and University acceptance.

Students preparing for College or University admission:

Canadian education is accepted by leading Universities, colleges and schools worldwide and unfolds a world of open door opportunities. It prepares school students towards college and University   preparatory type of experience. Students develop essential skills of discovery, reflection, and independent comprehension for application, time management and voicing out knowledge thus differentiating each student as unique.

Gifted & Fast Learners:

Talented or highly motivated students realize their full potential as courses are asynchronous, students can work ahead to complete courses as early as they can or take up courses from advanced grades or take additional time on a course if necessary. This rewards students and parents. Accelerated learners are rewarded ownership of pace over their own education. They may challenge the curriculum and reach ahead. Example: An elementary school student Grade 8 may reach ahead and take high school credits in Grade 9.Parents are rewarded for their child’s achievement and the savings as a result.*


Students from Canadian schools may take a course that was previously not studied in order to earn a credit.
Students may retake a course

  • To earn a credit or
  • To enhance the score previously achieved in that course.